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ON 27th FEBRUARY 2010, A group of us went to restaurant SUN HO located in Overseas Union Garden (OUG)it is a corner coffee shop.After ordering the drinks we were charged RM 1.80 for coffee O ice.

When we ask for the exact price the person who serve us said even if we order coffee ice. there will be no difference between coffee ice or coffee O ice. We were quite pissed off coz every weekend we would patronise this coffee shop but find the price of the said day was too far too expensive as other coffee shop only charge RM 1.40. Please look into this as I would not like this restaurant to continue charging people at an absurb price.

Most of us order "Teh kurang manis" or "coffee kurang manis" but the price is still the same RM 1.30.We like to patronise this restaurant coz the drinks there is better than the other restaurant.

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You are talking about $.03 Suck it the *** up.

tank you for callin tech support my name ich Michael how may I lovengly be of supporting to you on this fine day that Ganesh has provided in such a lovingly way?

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